Getting Your Garden In Shape

It’s no good keeping your home in shape when your garden puts the rest of your property to shame. A garden is an extension of your home so there is no excuse when it comes to letting it goes to waste. When it comes to maintaining your garden you need to be thorough, you can’t just keep the areas of the garden that are visible looking neat and tidy because eventually your garden will become over grown. If you are struggling to maintain your garden then get in touch with Benton Arboriculture. They are more than capable of keeping your garden in great condition. However, if you have got some time to take care of your garden, here are a few forgotten areas of your garden that you may want to keep an eye on:

The Pond

Ponds are fairly easy to maintain on a regular basis. Using nets to clean out the algae, keeping the water fresh and of course maintaining the health of the fish that reside within the pond. However every few years it is a good idea to fully remodel to the pond in order to make sure that all the brick work is not eroded and everything is fully functional. june

The Shed

Sheds are a great addition to a garden. They aren’t exactly the most important part of a garden but they are where every unwanted garden item gets stored. Keeping your shed looking in good condition however is very important as a run down shed can in turn make your garden look run down. The best way to keep your shed looking healthy is to give it a paint job every once in a while and invest in replacement shed windows.standard-apex

The Ground

It sounds odd but the ground of your garden itself can be the key to your garden looking great. Though plain standard grass is natural it can be a good idea to lay down turf to make your ground look a lot healthier. Alternatively you can also choose astro-turf, though it is not natural it is a lot easier to maintain.6455505

The Greenhouse

If you have a green thumb then you will most likely have a green house in your garden in order to maintain your plants. Though people often forget that the greenhouse and greenhouse glass UK itself needs to be maintained.greenhouse

Now that you’ve read this brief little reminder I’m sure you’re ready to get gardening but just remember these areas of your garden don’t have to be maintained on a daily basis, just should never be forgotten.


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Garage Storage Done Right

The number one use for a garage is storage and that is exactly what each of us use it for. The truth is though that the majority of garage owners often leave their garages in a complete state. Unless you’re Auto Vault Storage, they keep their garages cleaner than any room in your home! Great option for anyone, looking to use their garage for other reasons. They chuck whatever they don’t want cluttering their house into the garage without looking back. Eventually most garages even get to the point in which you cannot even enter them. Now if you are going to store things in your garage then store it right, here are five garage storage experts that you can take some tips from. Of course organising your garage however you want it isn’t possible without the use of shelving for the garage.

For The Tool Obsessive

Some of us are obsessed with DIY, so much so that our garage turns into an extension of ourselves. With tools stored in such a neat order that hardware stores would be jealous of. If DIY obsessives can arrange their garage like this then what is stopping you.DIY-Garage-Tool-Storage-Ideas

Gaming Den

Most gamers can be incredibly anal about all of their games and even their consoles. Therefore a garage is the perfect place for them, they can store all their games in a perfect, neat alphabetical order and to make matters better they may not even have to leave the garage to play their precious games. It’s a gamers heaven.dac39c3edcf7e04f26354e558692b4e5

Glamour Garage

A girl can never have enough shoes, literally. But eventually they can run out of space to store their shoes. That is where the garage comes in. Never again will a girl have to compromise on buying certain colours of shoes and keeping the garage perfectly organised just makes matters so much more refreshing.a3cd697b2c27d9a5841e38992b7a706e

Hobby Hole

Some people take their hobbies like hiking seriously but unfortunately not all hobbies are entirely clean. Therefore people who enjoy their hobbies will need a space to keep all their gear separate, and where better than the garage. 45cf876d1ba5c134f1b2b5bb69193ec0

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How to Get the Right Blinds For Your Home

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 15.44.19Choice and variety are the most important expectations that all shoppers have. These expectations have grown a lot in the last few decades as more and more variety is available for all products, which is also true for window blinds. Going out to get window decorations sounds like an easy enough task, but with the overwhelming variety available, deciding what to get can be a bit tricky. Whether you’re looking for privacy or style, choosing the right blinds can be daunting. Even choosing where to get your blinds from can be difficult as you have specialty blind stores as well local home centers and even online stores. Plus if you’re staying in guardian housing from the likes of Global Guardians, you may consider purchasing blinds as these vacant properties aren’t always fully furnished. The key to getting the right window blinds is to get something that is equal parts functional and decorative.

Privacy and Light Requirements

The most important thing is how much privacy you need your blinds to offer. Do you want a room that is bright and airy or more cozy and buttoned-up? Are you looking to block out the light completely so that you can sleep peacefully in your bedroom or are you looking for something lighter that lets light in your kitchen? Are the windows on the sunny side or are they facing the front? Answering these questions will take you two steps closer to getting the right window blinds for your home or why not simply visit Blinds that have tilting plates are ideal if you want to adjust the amount of light that enters the room.


Your budget is another important consideration. Do you need blinds for just one window or the entire house? You can spend wisely by choosing which windows need more decorative blinds and the ones that will do with simpler blinds such as windows in the bathrooms or kitchen. Getting something fancier for your lounge and rooms while spending less on the other windows will help you maintain your budget. Blinds are available in aluminum, vinyl, faux wood and wood. Getting vinyl or aluminum blinds is cheaper as compared to wood blinds.

Time and Effort

Blinds are convenient as they can be easily cleaned, but one drawback is that they need to be cleaned very frequently as the dust gathers very quickly. If you’re not a regular cleaner, it can be ideal for you to get blinds with shades that have weaves and textured designs that hide the dust better.

Decoration Style

Your decoration style is of importance as there are several types of blinds available. Most of these are divided into the broad categories of formal and casual for the ease of selection. You can go for bold colors to get a funky look or you can select subtle shades if you’re looking to go for a sophisticated and elegant look. The choices are endless, and blinds offer a lot of varieties that’ll cater to all your décor needs.


If you have toddlers or young children inside the house, you’d be better off getting streamlined and cordless blinds. Almost all blinds are safe, but you might want to avoid the ones with sharp edges.

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